Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Off Duty

It's December 19th and I cannot put off posting for another day. (My apologies to my readers for the lapse.) I've been cranky as a result of trying to juggle my life responsibilities along with the added list of holiday preparations. The other day I was on my way somewhere and started fuming that the off-duty ambulance in front of me was driving too slowly. An unusual switch - usually I'm swerving to get out of the ambulance's way. Then the brakes lights and turn signal went on and I noticed they were turning into the fire station. Probably where they park the ambulance when it's not in use. 

After fuming more about slowing down MORE so they could turn, I experienced a split second opening of my cranky thoughts, a tiny slit that allowed a better thought to flow in, and I realized the importance of the work the ambulance drivers do. I was glad to see they were heading back to their bay rather than out on an emergency run.

I'm ready to head back to my bay for awhile. I need the rest and the break from my juggling of roles. I need some time to just be...