Saturday, March 8, 2008


The show is over. For two full months, I was mother to The Scarecrow.

Olivia did a great job. She had over 80 lines to memorize! We spent many days at home practicing with the script in hand. We even recruited one of Olivia's closest friends to help out by reading Dorothy's part (She thought she was coming over for a playdate). It takes a village to learn a script!

I wanted to post this photo from her first scene, before Dorothy comes and releases her. (This photo makes me wonder if Scarecrow symbolized a Christ figure in the story??? Maybe I'm getting too deep here.)

After the show, we had lots of family join us at our house for dinner in our partially-finished kitchen. Everyone marveled at the new openness, space, and light. It was very reinforcing for all our efforts - and encouraged us to move forward.

Today, Trent is hoping to hang the pendant lights we picked out this week. I'll post a photo soon to show our progress.